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The card for Kaiserslautern: The Lautrer Card

Collect points with your Lautrer Card!

It´s so easy:

Many stores are part of the Lautrer Card scheme so, when shopping, make sure the acquired points are registered on your card.
Simply give your card to the cashier and she/he will add them on.

Prizes or purchases

Exchance your collected points in return for attractive prizes.
Every store participating in the Lautrer Card scheme has an ever changing range of prizes.
And what´s more, we offer you specil events.
If you have more than 1.000 points you can even use the Lautrer Card to pay for your purchases. It´s as simple as that!

Where can I obtain the Lautrer Card?

The Lautrer Card can be obtained at any of the stores participating in the scheme. Just fill out the application form and start collecting your points.


Kaiserslautern - The town where purchasing will be profitable